Friday 13 December 2013


St. Patrick is one of the best known people in Ireland. There's a lot of churches and cathedrals dedicated to him. Also in Dublin and that's the one we wanted to visit - St. Patrick's Cathedral.

I came with my friend Tomaz. We waited for one more friend from Extreme Ireland, Dewald. When we entered the Cathedral we were nicely accepted by our guide Shaun. He's very friendly and very educated and informed about the Cathedral. Of course he told us about the history of cathedral first and then he took us around. He explained the history of each interesting artefact and it's history behind. We could see that he really enjoys in his work. He was explaining with such an enthusiasm that was fun to listening him. One of the funniest stories was about Jonathan Swift who was a dean in this cathedral. He wrote a book "A sermon upon sleeping in Church" and you can imagine to whom was it dedicated to.

He also showed us his grave and after that were accepted by the person who took us to the cathedral tower. We felt really important because lots of people don't have a chance to go there. We were walking in narrow corridors where Jonathan Swift used to walk. We saw all the places under the roof and finally also the tower, from where you have a great view to all the city.

I would like to thank Shaun for a great guiding. St. Patrick's Cathedral is one you have to visit.


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